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To Wax, Or Not To Wax....

This weekend ripped. Lots of dudes on skateboards, tons of skateboarding and even a day trip down to San Diego. Check the video up there to see some of what went down.

Hey, after you watch that, you should totally buy something from the store. We have two promotions going on at once. One, if you buy any board, you get a free 5 panel hat and a curb scouts pin. Two, if you enter the code TFSXMAS at checkout, you'll get 15% off your entire order. Crazy! It's like we don't even care about money.

But we do love skateboarding and we do love you. Merry Christmas, y'all!


Enthusiastic Curbing.

Anyone remember when we made this thing? Hope so, but if not, here's your chance to peep. This one was really fun to film. Featuring TJ Bohach, Chris Botsch, Sean Hanley, John McGuire, Nick Sommer and Ben Hess. All those dudes rule.

Hey, by the way, we have a deal going on right now that when you buy any deck from this here site, you get a FREE curb scouts enamel pin and a 5 panel hat. Our way of saying thanks and happy holidays!


Hello, dudes and ladies!

So somehow, after almost 3 years of being a thing, we never had our own website. But look, here it is! I'm stoked to finally have a good place to rant and rave about all things skateboarding and of course Friend Ship related stuff, too. I promise to keep this thing updated on the regular, so bookmark this page and check back often.

Also, I have a store up there where you can buy all of our stuff straight from us if your local shop doesn't have what you're looking for. Have a look! We make some quality merchandise. For real.

I will have the team page ready to go soon, too. So sit tight and enjoy the site as it grows.