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Unfinished business.

So towards the end of summer, Chris Botsch, Ben Hess, Sean Hanley, Nick Sommer and I had the opportunity to try out some of the re-issued D3's thanks to the nice people at Osiris. I filmed them doing whatever they wanted in them, but sadly, I never got to finish the piece. Here's what we got. Thanks to Rob D. for the box! It was super fun.


Free Form Jazz.

Hey y'all! Do you like skateboards? I have put some select boards on sale in the store for 30% off. Go look (and buy) after you watch Tom, Ryan and Antoine do some San Diego curb smashing and rock crushing. Later, nerds!

When It Rains It Pours.

Hey, quickly, here's a new team dude I added yesterday. Joshua Flodter. He lives somewhere in the desert or something. Victorville. Wherever that is. Watch the vid, get stoked, go buy a board from our online store over there on the left and then go get weird in the streets. Later, nerds.


Old Man Yells At Cloud.

So, we just got done with another Agenda show this past week. Sorry about slagging on posting here. Things have been pretty crazy. Anyway, we still have some Li'l Bastard travel kits left, and we have a bunch of rad boards that I promise you will love, so check the store! Also, watch that video up there. It's chock full of weekendy goodness. Later, nerds!

Taco Bell and Panda Express.

Hey youse guys and gals, here's a new video part-ish type thing that John Benton and I made. He skated. I filmed and edited. Cara Corder made the animations. All fun stuff.

While you're here, check out those new Li'l Bastard Travel Kit fanny packs I put in the store today! I only made 20 and one of them is going to have a coupon for a FREE BOARD of your choice from our store! You have a 1 in 20 chance of winning. Thems some good odds.

Later, nerds!