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Old Man Yells At Cloud.

So, we just got done with another Agenda show this past week. Sorry about slagging on posting here. Things have been pretty crazy. Anyway, we still have some Li'l Bastard travel kits left, and we have a bunch of rad boards that I promise you will love, so check the store! Also, watch that video up there. It's chock full of weekendy goodness. Later, nerds!

Taco Bell and Panda Express.

Hey youse guys and gals, here's a new video part-ish type thing that John Benton and I made. He skated. I filmed and edited. Cara Corder made the animations. All fun stuff.

While you're here, check out those new Li'l Bastard Travel Kit fanny packs I put in the store today! I only made 20 and one of them is going to have a coupon for a FREE BOARD of your choice from our store! You have a 1 in 20 chance of winning. Thems some good odds.

Later, nerds!

Ice Cubicle.

Ice Cubicle.

Been chilling at my desk today thinking of more dumb ideas for graphics and our plans for 2017. Which also made me think; are full length skateboard videos dead? I mean, for the most part? I know there will always be the few that need to happen like Spirit Quest or whatever, but for small companies like this one, does it even make sense? Attention spans are shot. Certain sites are flooding the world with snackable content and full parts every day. People forget about videos immediately after viewing them. It's madness. I have been wrestling with the idea of a full video for The Friend Ship for a minute, but is there even a point anymore?

Anyway, I guess what I'm trying to say is that there's a sale in the shop right now. 15% off anything you order with the promo code TFSXMAS from now until December 31st. Also, any order will receive a 5 panel logo hat and a curb scouts pin. That's a pretty amazing deal.

So stop filming yourself in your driveway and get to shopping!

Later nerds. -Tim

To Wax, Or Not To Wax....

This weekend ripped. Lots of dudes on skateboards, tons of skateboarding and even a day trip down to San Diego. Check the video up there to see some of what went down.

Hey, after you watch that, you should totally buy something from the store. We have two promotions going on at once. One, if you buy any board, you get a free 5 panel hat and a curb scouts pin. Two, if you enter the code TFSXMAS at checkout, you'll get 15% off your entire order. Crazy! It's like we don't even care about money.

But we do love skateboarding and we do love you. Merry Christmas, y'all!


Enthusiastic Curbing.

Anyone remember when we made this thing? Hope so, but if not, here's your chance to peep. This one was really fun to film. Featuring TJ Bohach, Chris Botsch, Sean Hanley, John McGuire, Nick Sommer and Ben Hess. All those dudes rule.

Hey, by the way, we have a deal going on right now that when you buy any deck from this here site, you get a FREE curb scouts enamel pin and a 5 panel hat. Our way of saying thanks and happy holidays!