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Flows and Pros.


Dang y'all, been a minute I guess. We have a couple of new boards up in the shop right now and they are pretty special.

First, we are very pleased to welcome Ryan Gallant to our crew. If you don't know who he is, it's probably because you started skating in the last 6 months. Go youtube some of his past work and trip on this dude. Then come back here and grab one of his boards.

Also, we gave our very own John Benton his own troll model. No, he isn't pro, he's still flow. That's how we do. Everyone should get some shine.

Anyways, that's pretty much it for now. We are about to embark on a special project over the next couple of months, so stay tuned for more on that.

Later nerds.


Worst Best Dude.

Dang, did you dudes and ladies know that our team dude, Tom Rohrer is really, really good at skateboarding? There's some proof up there if you need it. That's his part from Elliot's new video "Drought". There's more parts from that video dropping on The Berrics this week, so keep your browser pointed that way.

While you're here, why not pick up a new board? Or a shirt? Smash that shop link up there on the left.

Love y'all.


Totinos Pizza Rolls.

Remember when we made those Lil' Bastard Travel Kits? I barely do, but our dude Joshua Flodter got one and made this video utilizing it at his local curb spot.

We might have a couple left, so if this video inspires you, head to our store and buy one.

Holy Jeez.

It's been a minute. I've been working hard on this new spring line that's about to come out so my hands have been tied. But it's all finished and should be landing here at the TFS HQ in no time.

While you wait, watch that video up there that I made for the trade show from last June. It has footage from a bunch of dudes that don't even skate for us anymore. Or you can check the shop. I'm going to put some select stuff on sale right after I'm done typing these words. Word.

Later nerds.


Stretchy Pants.

Our dude Travis Harrison just sent over a new part, so peep it and then go buy something, because all day today we are doing the Ex-Presidents Day sale which is a whopping 30% off everything in the store. That's huge. Enter EXPRESIDENTS at checkout to save some major dollars.