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Tom Prohrer?

Tom Prohrer?

Yo! Just wanted to share this photo that Dave Mount shot of our guy Tom Rohrer doing a backside flip. That's all. Do people still look at websites? If you do, buy something and make us both stoked. Thanks, y'all!

Hello again, hello.

Dudes. Ladies. How the heck are you not riding one of these? I strongly suggest you try one. In fact, I want you to ride one so bad, I will give you free grip tape. So, go shop and make me proud. Love y'all.


New New New New

New New New New

If you haven't noticed, we have some new new in the store. Limited quantities as usual, so don't hesitate to smash that add to cart button. Love y'all!

Media Alert

I somehow got most of the team to come to The Berrics and let me film them flopping around.

Here's the proof!

Later, nerds.


Flows and Pros.


Dang y'all, been a minute I guess. We have a couple of new boards up in the shop right now and they are pretty special.

First, we are very pleased to welcome Ryan Gallant to our crew. If you don't know who he is, it's probably because you started skating in the last 6 months. Go youtube some of his past work and trip on this dude. Then come back here and grab one of his boards.

Also, we gave our very own John Benton his own troll model. No, he isn't pro, he's still flow. That's how we do. Everyone should get some shine.

Anyways, that's pretty much it for now. We are about to embark on a special project over the next couple of months, so stay tuned for more on that.

Later nerds.