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New Shit, Different Day.


Wooly Mammoth.

Our dude Cody went on a little trip to Mammoth to skate and camp and do whatever and they made a video to prove it.

Have a watch and then go buy some stuff.

Later nerds.



New team dude alert! Cody Subido is now ripping for The Friend Ship. Watch that video up there and then wait patiently for a new part coming sooner than you would assume.

Stoked? Stoked.

Oh, hey, while you're here, go buy somethin' would ya'? Thanks in advance.


Media Alert

I somehow got most of the team to come to The Berrics and let me film them flopping around.

Here's the proof!

Oh, and right now when you buy a board, wheels or a shirt, you get a shirt of my choosing.

Just specify what size you wear in the notes.

Later, nerds.


The 'Gram